Ready to Get Certified?

Follow these steps to begin your application:

  1. Read and Sign the Certification/Licensing Agreement for your category (Producer, Tailgate Market, Handler)

  2. Pay Fee: Visit our online store and purchase the applicable membership subscription, create an account upon checkout, and complete the application form:

    • DFU Members: DFU Member Certification ($50)

    • Non-members: Certification ($75)

    • or Add a DFU membership: DFU Membership & Certification ($90)

  3. Schedule an Inspection: Once your application and fee have been received, the CDG Program Manager will contact you (or put you in touch with an authorized CDG representative) to schedule an inspection.

  4. Inspection

  5. Start Marketing with the CDG logo! Once your inspection has been passed you will receive a welcome packet with laminated certificate with your farm/business name and a QR code that links to your profile on the CDG website. Additional marketing materials are available for purchase for certified members in the Delmarva Grown online store.

  6. Keep your certification active. Renew your certification annually.